Visit the oldest village
in North America!


Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre (CIMM)


Chauvin Trading Post

William Hugh Coverdale, passionate ethnographer and onetime owner of the Hotel Tadoussac, had a re-creation of the first French settlement in North America, from the year 1600, built at the edge of the hotel’s grounds. Step back into the history of the First Nations peoples. Discover the encounters and negotiations between the Innu and Europeans, a tale of trading furs and animal-based oils, the petrol of the age.


Tadoussac’s “Little Chapel”

The Hotel Tadoussac’s little cousin, sporting the same colour pattern, the chapel commonly called “La Petite Chapelle” (and at one time known as “The Indian Chapel”) was built in 1747 by Jesuit missionaries who sought to convert the local Innu people. Tadoussac’s Petite Chapelle is the oldest surviving wooden church in North America, and home to a collection of unique religious artifacts.

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